2021 Medicare for All Act Toolkit

#M4A2021 Take Action Toolkit


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Included in Toolkit:


M4A2021 Day of Action Schedule


Tools to contact elected officials/Sample Scripts

Contact info for NC Congressional Delegation/Candidates



Candidates for Senate 2022

Sample Tweets for Tweetstorm - March 16 1pm

En español

Tips for writing Letters to the Editor


Info on the NC Medicare For All Coalition



The new Medicare For All Act of 2021 is being introduced on March 17th at noon. You can watch the announcement here: 

As of now, despite meetings with members of the NC Medicare For All Coalition, only Rep. Alma Adams has signed on as an original cosponsor of the new bill.  We feel this is unacceptable and are having a Day of Action on Tuesday, March 16th to urge additional Representatives to sign on before the bill is introduced the following day.  We are asking you to join us!

M4A2021 Day of Action Schedule:

12:30pm: Gather with other advocates on Zoom before the Tweetstorm to make calls to members of Congress.

1:00-2:00 pm: TWEETSTORM!! Raise energy for universal health care through the roof by joining our #M4A2021 Tweetstorm! Toolkit coming soon. Folder with Medicare For All social media graphics to use

2:00-2:30 pm - More community with story-telling, Calls to Congress, answering questions, and strategizing with other single-payer advocates!

NCM4A's live Day of Action Zoom session will help you feel confident and comfortable contacting your US Representative and Senators. We'll also give tips on using twitter and social media to build awareness and support for Medicare for All.


The U.S. is heading toward 30 million COVID-19 cases and over 525,000 deaths, while more than 100 million Americans are either uninsured or underinsured, a number that’s potentially growing. Our healthcare system is deeply broken, and Medicare for All is the only solution. Any healthcare reform that leaves the private insurance industry in the driver’s seat will not ever fix the problem at the root of our broken healthcare system. 

Medicare for All would mean guaranteed health care, free at the point of service, for all residents of the US. There would be no premiums, deductibles, or copays - saving working families thousands per year. Every person would have the freedom to choose their doctors and hospitals - no more in network or out of network. In addition, it would save the US billions per year by cutting out the true cause of our broken health care system - profiteering from the greedy insurance, pharma, and hospital industries.

Action Steps for Improved Medicare for All

Add to Growing Momentum behind M4A by Lobbying your Reps 


We are asking you to call/email your Representative sometime during Tuesday, March 16th to ask them to sign on as cosponsors to the new Medicare For All Act of 2021. 


Do you need some support in making this call, or have questions you want answered before - we are offering a Zoom Phonebanking space from 12:30-2:30

Meeting ID: 823 7237 7875, Passcode: 938735

Call in #:   +1 312 626 6799


These are other tools that make it easy for you to make your demand for universal healthcare to Congress in the way that works for you:


Easy tool from the Center For Popular Democracy - quickly email your reps with a template to ask them to co-sponsor Medicare for All


CongressWeb - great tool to easily find *all* contact info for all offices of your MoC, incl. staff names, committee assignments, social media & website.


Sample phone/email script: Hello, my name is ______, and I’m a constituent living in (City/Town). As a constituent, I urge you to cosponsor the Medicare for All Act of 2021 which will be introduced by Rep. Pramila Jayapal. The COVID pandemic has spotlighted this country’s healthcare crisis. With over 500,000 dead and more than 20 million cases, there are currently 100 million uninsured or underinsured Americans. The only solution to our broken system is Medicare for All. America is far behind every other industrialized country, which all guarantee healthcare to their residents as a right.


We know that with a Medicare for All program, health outcomes would be far better, and the U.S. would save billions of dollars in unnecessary health care costs. Most importantly, everyone across the country would receive the care they need. Rep. Jayapal is proposing a feasible and necessary single payer healthcare program that will save lives. I urge you to cosponsor this critical bill--now, before one more life is lost. Will you stand with the majority of Americans who support Medicare for All and take action today?


Alternate Phone/Email Script


Medicare for All Congressional packet - deliver to your reps or inform your conversations, compiled by Healthcare for All, Y’all


Scroll down for Contact Info of NC Members of Congress + NC Congressional candidates.

Contact Info for NC Congressional Delegation 

Tag U.S. Senators, Representatives, and Candidates from NC in your tweets.


Alma Adams - NC12

Official Co-Sponsor? YES

Twitter: @repadams

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CongresswomanAdams/

DC Office Phone: 202-225-1510

Send an email


G.K. Butterfield - NC1

Official Co-Sponsor? NO

Twitter: @gkbutterfield

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/congressmangkbutterfield

DC Office Phone: 202-225-3101

Send an email


Kathy Manning - NC6

Official Co-Sponsor? NO

Twitter: @RepKManning

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RepKathyManning

DC Office Phone: 202-225-3065

Send an email


David Price - NC4

Official Co-Sponsor? NO

Twitter: @RepDavidEPrice

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RepDavidEPrice/

DC Office Phone: 202-225-1784

Send an email


Deborah Ross - NC2

Official Co-Sponsor? NO

Twitter: @RepDeborahRoss

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RepDeborahRoss/

DC Office Phone: 202-225-3032

Send an email


Dan Bishop - NC9

Official Co-Sponsor? NO

Twitter: @RepDanBishop

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/repdanbishop/

DC Office Phone: 202-225-1976

Send an email


Ted Budd - NC13

Official Co-Sponsor? NO


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RepTedBudd

DC Office Phone: 202-225-4531

Send an email


David “Madison” Cawthorne - NC11

Official Co-Sponsor? NO

Twitter: @RepCawthorn

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RepCawthorn/

DC Office Phone: 202-225-6401

Send an email

Virginia Foxx - NC5

Official Co-Sponsor? NO

Twitter: @virginafoxx

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RepVirginiaFoxx

DC Office Phone:202-225-2071

Send an email


Richard Hudson - NC8

Official Co-Sponsor? NO

Twitter: @RepRichHudson

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RepRichHudson

DC Office Phone: 202-225-3715

Send an email


Patrick McHenry - NC10

Official Co-Sponsor? NO

Twitter: @PatrickMcHenry

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CongressmanMcHenry

DC Office Phone: 202-225-2576

Send an email


Greg Murphy - NC3

Official Co-Sponsor? NO

Twitter: @RepGregMurphy

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RepGregMurphy/

DC Office Phone: 202-225-3415

Send an email


David Rouzer - NC7

Official Co-Sponsor? NO

Twitter: @RepDavidRouzer

Facebook: https://twitter.com/RepdavidRouzer

DC Office Phone: 202-225-2731

Send an emai



Thom Tillis - Republican (up for reelection in 2026)

Official Co-Sponsor? NO

Twitter: @SenThomTillis

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SenatorThomTillis

DC Office Phone: 202-224-6342

Send an email


Richard Burr - Republican (term ends 2022 - not seeking reelection)

Official Co-Sponsor? NO

Twitter: @SenatorBurr

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SenatorRichardBurr/

DC Office Phone: 202-224-3154

Send an email




Jeff Jackson - Democrat

Supports Medicare For All? NO

Twitter: @JeffJacksonNC

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JeffJacksonNC

[email protected]


Erica Smith - Democrat

Supports Medicare For All? YES

Twitter: @ercaforussen

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EricaForUS/

Send an email


Dr. Richard Watkins - Democrat

Supports Medicare For All? YES



Website: https://www.richardlwatkins.com/


Mark Walker - Republican

Supports Medicare For All? NO

Twitter: @repmarkwalker

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RepMarkWalker/

Campaign Phone: (336) 500-3002 

[email protected]

Sample Posts/Tweets For Social Media

(Use on your social media accounts and tweet at your senators/representative!)


**Use hashtags: #M4A2021 and #NCM4A** 

Folder with Medicare For All social media graphics to use


The #MedicareForAll Act of 2021 drops tomorrow & @RepDavidEPrice, @gkbutterfield, @RepKManning,@RepDeborahRoss need a push to sign on as cosponsors. Can you call them at 202-858-1717 and tell them to put #PeopleOverProfit & support #M4A2021. #ncm4a


Thank you @repadams for cosponsoring the #M4A Act of 2021 and for being a champion for healthcare and equity! We appreciate you and your support of a healthcare system that focuses on people and not profit. #M4A2021


Imagine healthcare without the medical bills! That is what we would have with #MedicareForAll! No copays, deductibles or premiums - just healthcare for everyone. Ask your representative to cosponsor the #M4A Act of 2021! #M4A2021 #NCM4A


Pouring billions of public $$s into the for-profit insurance companies that offer plans that leave us underinsured is a waste of our money.  Let’s spend less and cover more people! Ask your Rep. to cosponsor the #M4A Act of 2021. #M4A2021


Imagine not having to choose insurance every year! With #MedicareForAll we enroll once, and we are covered for life! Ask your Reps to simplify healthcare and cosponsor the #M4A Act of 2021. #M4A2021 #NCM4A


Come on (Your Rep’s twitter handle)! We are urging you to put #PeopleOverProfit by cosponsoring & championing the new #MedicareForAll Act of 2021! #M4A2021 #NCM4A


The pandemic shows that health is a collective issue. If people can’t afford care, the virus will continue to spread. The Medicare for All Act of 2021 is the only plan that meets the scale of the emergency. #M4A #NCM4A 


#MedicareForAll has massive popular support - including 70 percent of the public and 88 percent of Democrats. I’m calling my member of Congress today to ask them to support the Medicare for All Act of 2021. Will you call? Dial 202-858-1717 to call and be connected to your Rep.


Health care justice is racial justice, and racial justice is health care justice.Sign on to our pandemic demands for healthcare relief for all: https://www.ncm4a.org/m4a2021


The COVID-19 crisis is exposing the inadequacies of our profit-driven health system. Medicare for All is the only solution to our deeply broken system. It’s time for #MedicareForAll, starting with the Medicare for All Act of 2021. #NCM4A


Using COBRA to expand health coverage during the pandemic amounts to a bailout for big insurance companies. Any healthcare reform that leaves the private insurance industry in control will not fix the problem at the root of our broken system. #M4A is the only solution that will.


#M4A- guaranteed healthcare, free at point of service, for all - saving working families 1000s per year. It means freedom to choose drs and hospitals-no more in network or out of network-and would save US billions per year. Contact your Reps in support:  https://secure.everyaction.com/p/UMdwQheC0U-w2UaK-scHig2


Pre-COVID19, 1 million North Carolinians were uninsured. Now at least 241,500 more have lost jobs + insurance. We must do more to protect our people and demand what we deserve! Sign our pandemic demands for healthcare relief for all now: https://www.ncm4a.org/m4a2021


A COVID hospital stay can cost $30k and 241,500 North Carolinians just lost their insurance - w/ more than 1MILL already uninsured in NC! Sign petition to NC's MembersofCongress to SAVE LIVES w immediate healthcare relief NOW! https://www.ncm4a.org/m4a2021 


We have the costliest healthcare in the world but poor health outcomes. We must improve our national health with #MedicareForALL! Sign on to our #NCM4A letter: https://www.ncm4a.org/m4a2021 & use this toolkit to make  an impact: http://bit.ly/ncm4aToolkit2021 


More tweets in our Black Health Matters toolkit.

En español

La propuesta de ley de #MedicareParaTodos de 2021 viene mañana y @RepDavidEPrice, @gkbutterfield, @RepKManning,@RepDeborahRoss necesitan un empujón para copatrocinar la propuesta. Puedes llamarles al número 202-858-1717 y decirles que apoyen #M4A2021. #NCM4A.  


¡Gracias a @repadams por copatrocinar la propuesta de ley de #M4A de 2021 y por ser campeona del cuidado de salud y la equidad! Lo agradecimos mucho y su apoyo de un sistema de salud que se enfoque en la gente, no en el lucro. #M4A2021


¡Imagina la atención médica sin las facturas! ¡Esto es lo que podemos tener con #MedicareParaTodos! No más copagos, deducibles, o primas - simplemente cuidado médico para todos. ¡Pide que tus representantes copatrocinen la propuesta de ley de #M4A de 2021! #NCM4A

Es un gasto dedicar billones de dólares públicos a las aseguradoras con fines de lucro que ofrecen planes que nos dejan sin cobertura. ¡Debemos gastar menos y proveer cobertura para más gente! Pide que tus representantes copatrocinen la propuesta de ley de #M4A de 2021. #M4A2021 


¡Imagina no tener que elegir tu seguro cada año! Con #MedicareParaTodos nos inscribimos una vez y tenemos cobertura por el resto de nuestras vidas. Pide que tus representantes simplifiquen nuestro sistema de salud y copatrocinen la propuesta de ley de #M4A de 2021. #M4A2021 #NCM4A 


(El nombre de usuario de tu representante en Twitter)! Le estamos urgiendo a valorar la gente sobre el lucro y copatrocinar la nueva propuesta de ley de #MedicareParaTodos de 2021! #M4A2021 #NCM4A


La pandemia muestra que la salud es un asunto colectivo. Si la gente no puede pagar por la atención médica, el virus seguirá propagándose. La propuesta de ley de Medicare Para Todos de 2021 es el único plan adecuado para la magnitud de esta emergencia. #M4A #NCM4A 


#MedicareParaTodos tiene el apoyo del pueblo - incluso 70% del público y 88% de los demócratas. Estoy llamando a mi miembro del Congreso hoy para pedirles que apoyen la propuesta de ley de Medicare Para Todos de 2021. Marca 202-858-1717 para llamar y conectar con tu representante 


La justicia del cuidado médico es justicia racial, y la justicia racial es justicia del cuidado médico. Adhiérase al movimiento y firmar nuestra carta de demandas para la atención médica para todos: ncm4a.org/m4a2021


COVID-19 está exponiendo las deficiencias de nuestro sistema de salud orientado al lucro. Medicare Para Todos es la única solución para nuestro sistema estropeado. Es hora de #MedicareParaTodos, empezando con la propuesta de ley de Medicare Para Todos de 2021. #NCM4A


Usar COBRA para expandir cobertura médica durante la pandemia es igual a un auxilio financiero para las aseguradoras. Cualquier reforma que mantenga el control de la industria de las aseguradoras no abordará los raíces del problema con nuestro sistema estropeado. #M4A lo hará.


#M4A - cobertura médica garantizada, gratuita, para todos - ahorrando 1000s por año para familias trabajadoras. La libertad de elegir médicos y hospitales (no más redes) y ahorraría miles de millones para el país. Contacte a sus representantes en apoyo: bit.ly/TimeIsNowM4A 


Antes de COVID-19, un millón de residentes de NC no tenían cobertura médica. Ahora ~241,500 más han perdido trabajo/cobertura. Necesitamos proteger a nuestra gente y exigir lo que merecemos! Adhiérase al movimiento y firmar nuestra carta! ncm4a.org/m4a2021 #NCM4A

Una estancia en el hospital con COVID puede costar $30k y 241,500 residentes de NC acaban de perder su cobertura médica - con más que 1 millón ya sin cobertura! Firmar la carta a miembros del Congreso para SALVAR VIDAS con ayuda de cuidado de salud! ncm4a.org/m4a2021 


Tenemos la atención médica más costosa del mundo, pero malos resultados de salud. Necesitamos mejorar nuestra salud nacional con #MedicareParaTodos! Firmar nuestra carta de #NCM4A: ncm4a.org/m4a2021 y usar estas herramientas para causar impacto: http://bit.ly/ncm4aToolkit2021 

Traditional Media - Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor (LTEs) are a key tactic especially if you’re in a district where your member of Congress needs pressure, and if you call them out by name for not being supportive. Politicians are often sensitive to how they are portrayed in the media. LTEs raise awareness about Medicare for All and apply pressure to your Member of Congress. If you include your Rep’s name in your letter, it’s more likely than not that they will see it - their staff often pull daily press clips where their name appears.


Useful Tips:

  • Respond to a recent article or news event - this could be about Covid-19, health care, or another relevant topic. Include the article title and date in both your letter and email subject line. 
  • Keep it short (100-200 words)
  • Personalize the issue. Give a unique perspective on why you support Medicare for All. Try a local perspective.
  • Mention your Member of Congress by name and call on them to support Medicare for All.
  • Choose no more than 1-2 main points to make in your letter.
  • Provide your address, city, phone number, and occupation with your name.


Submitting Your Letter:

  • Use the National Nurses United Letter to the Editor Tool. You can paste in your letter, and it will send automatically to your local papers based on the zip code you enter.
  • Submit directly on a specific paper’s website or by email. Your odds of getting published are often better when you submit a letter referring to a specific article in the publication to which you’re submitting.
  • If your letter does not get published, try self publishing via Medium.com. You can share it on social media and tag your Member of Congress.

If your letter gets published, let us know so we can help amplify! 


Sample LTE by Stacie Borrello, NCM4A Coalition Member in District 2:

While Democrats celebrate the passage of the American Rescue Act, I wonder if they ever plan to rescue the American people from poverty wages and crushing medical debt. One-time $1,400 payments are a drop in the bucket for those in need of real assistance, for people who need health care and can’t afford it. A “rescue” response to a global pandemic is more than funding vaccine distribution and economic recovery, it’s also ensuring people get the health care they need without suffering financial strain or incurring debt. The American Rescue Plan directs federal dollars to a costly private insurance system and it excludes people who cannot afford to pay subsidized insurance premiums, including people who lost their jobs due to the pandemic. Wake County’s new U.S. Representative, Deborah Ross, says on her website that “no one should ever have to decide between life-saving care or paying household bills,” yet she has so far refused to support the only proposal that would actually free people from the financial burden of healthcare: single-payer, Medicare for All. Universal health care is the norm in the rest of the developed world and has voter support in the U.S. Why aren't our Representatives supporting it?”

Legislation you should know: 

**will be updated when 2021 bill is released**


Medicare for All Act of 2021

Bill Summary

  • One-page summary covering major features of the bill.
  • List of co-sponsors of the Medicare for All Act in the current (117h) Congress.
  • List of organizations and governmental bodies endorsing single-payer reform.

Info on the NCM4A Coalition

Who we are: The NCM4A Coalition is building a movement of individuals and organizations to promote and advocate for Expanded and Improved Medicare for All using these tactics: 

  • Educating the public about the medical, financial, and societal benefits of Expanded and Improved Medicare for All.
  • Educating and working with legislators and community leaders to develop strategies for achieving the passage of Expanded and Improved Medicare for All.
  • Working with organizations throughout North Carolina and the nation to mobilize support for Expanded and Improved Medicare for All.


Please sign and share the petition to the NC Congressional delegation and the Biden/Harris administration urging them to pass immediate healthcare relief (sign as individual and/or an organization):

https://www.ncm4a.org/m4a2021 - https://www.ncm4a.org/m4a2021_esp 


How to Get Involved:

Current NCM4A Coalition members: www.ncm4a.org/member_organizations

Facebook: www.facebook.com/ncm4a

Twitter: www.twitter.com/ncm4a

Insta: @nc_m4a 

YouTube channel: https://bit.ly/NCM4A_YouTube

Linked In: https://www.linkedin.com/company/nc-medicare-for-all-coalition/