August Recess Toolkit - PNHP

PNHP August Recess Guide

Important Notes for 2020

  • Our goal is to build relationships. Meet with representatives and senators from both parties, whether or not they are sponsors of single-payer legislation. 
  • Make sure you’re comfortable with Zoom. Click HERE for tips. 
  • Key Messages: thank co-sponsors of HR 1384 and S 1129 and then ask them to do more. For nonsponsors, educate them on the merits of single payer and ask them to sponsor. 

How-to Guides

Good Handouts to Pass Along to Elected Officials 

Hot button issues in every district include the impact of COVID on health care coverage  and racial health inequities. Explain how Medicare for All could help solve these problems both during and after a pandemic.

Meeting with a staffer is just as good as meeting with the elected official.. Treat each opportunity with respect.

Tips for building a lasting relationship: make the issue easy to understand (think one-page handouts, not 50-page studies); follow-up after the meeting to keep the conversation going; be easy to contact; ask how you can be helpful to them (this is a two-way relationship)