Dr. Miah: Patients Suffer Without Universal, Equitable Access

Listen to Dr. Rohima Miah's testimony as a practicing psychiatrist on the benefits of Improved and Expanded Medicare for All and how it will help address the inequities in our current system.

Why do we need Expanded and Improved Medicare for All now?

The US health care system is the most expensive in the world and is failing its patients and our country.

Despite the cost, the US has some of the worst health outcomes (life expectancy, infant and maternal mortality) of any industrialized nation in the world. - Currently, eligibility for insurance coverage will be taken away if one is unable to pay premiums due to illness, disability or unemployment.

Even under the Affordable Care Act, nearly 30 million are uninsured and 44 million are underinsured, meaning that while they have health insurance, their high deductibles and other out-of-pocket costs impede their getting the care they need.

Core pillars of the NC Medicare for All Coalition

We recognize that Expanded and Improved Medicare for All is needed to achieve equitable health care access for all residents of the US.

We will support strategic and coordinated actions across organizations within our state to achieve this policy change at the federal level.

We recognize that Expanded and Improved Medicare for All is a critical step towards achieving equity and justice throughout all areas of our society, addressing the long standing discriminatory systems that create less access for African American, Latinx and other communities of color, LGBTQ peoples, and those with low income.

How do I join? 

Send an email to [email protected] to be added to the email list and receive information about our next meeting.

Visit www.ncm4a.org/form and fill out a brief survey to join a working group. We hope you'll join us in our campaign to achieve universal health care for all!