2020-09-22 Support Partner March for Healthcare for ALL, Worker Safety and Justice for the Incarcerated

This week, check out what our NCM4A coalition partner NC Poor People's Campaign is helping to organize on the health justice front.

On Saturday, October 3 in Fayetteville, multiple NC grassroots organizations and impacted people are leading an intersectional march for justice, which demands universal healthcare for ALL, worker health and safety, and justice for the incarcerated. Here's how you can help support it:

1. Read the NC Poor People's Campaign healthcare committee's 1st monthly newsletter below, share the newsletter with this link, and fill out the form here to sign up to receive the NC PPC newsletter directly.

2. Click to view and share the Facebook event.

We're proud to stand with the North Carolina Poor People's Campaign and other partners in demanding health and racial justice!

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Healthcare Voters have Power!
NC Poor People's Campaign Healthcare Committee's
Inaugural Newsletter
On Saturday, October 3 at 12pm, we're marching for Health Justice in Fayetteville! We're fed up with healthcare only being available to a few in the wealthiest country in the world AND with a disproportionate number of Black & Brown people suffering worse health outcomes, compounded by Covid.
The North Carolina Poor People's Campaign is partnering with Raise Up NC/Fight for $15, Fayetteville PACT and other allies to demand universal Healthcare for ALL and full Health and Safety Protections for Workers and Incarcerated Folks. There's no racial justice without health justice, worker justice, and justice for incarcerated brothers and sisters!

In solidarity with the Non-Violent Medicaid Army, we're taking action across the country! Join us on Saturday, October 3rd at noon to hear from many people impacted by lack of health care and systemic racism at NC's Medicaid for All MarchQuestions or want to participate? [email protected]  
(Socially distant action; wear your masks over nose and mouth and keep 6 ft apart).
We are the MOVEMENT that ORGANIZES!!
Rev Barber to Give Keynote at Oct 1 Digital Vigil
The NC Poor People’s Campaign has joined Southerners 4 Medicaid Expansion, a coalition of advocates and organizations in eight Southern states (AL, FL, GA, MS, NC, SC, TN and TX) whose governments have so far refused to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act. The coalition has held weekly online storytelling sessions to highlight the consequences of leaving millions of people in the Coverage Gap as a lead up to a multi-state online vigil at 7 p.m. Thurs., Oct. 1. Rev. William J. Barber, II will deliver the keynote address and Stacey Abrams will moderate.
Background info: In North Carolina, people die every day from lack of health care, adding up to hundreds every year. States that have expanded Medicaid have 90% of the expansion cost covered by federal funds, which are collected from taxpayers in all 50 states. This means that people in NC and other states that haven’t expanded Medicaid pay into the program but are excluded from the benefits of the expansion. Meanwhile, rural hospitals are closing in non-expansion states – at least 10 so far in TN alone – forcing people to drive an hour or more for care or go without. Non-expansion states like NC also have a higher number of preventable deaths and higher insurance premiums.
Support this regional healthcare expansion effort by registering for the vigil at http://southerners4medex.org/, where you can also find a link to sign the petition and view the previously recorded storytelling sessions.
Sign & Share NCM4A Petition Demanding Congress Pass the Health Care Emergency Guarantee Act!
The NC Poor People's Campaign has joined the NC Medicare for All Coalition to advance the universal, single-payer health care for all part of the Jubilee platform!
Even before the COVID-19 outbreak, our country was facing a health care crisis, with an estimated 87 million people uninsured or underinsured. Our for-profit healthcare system is costly and inadequate, leaving many people unable to get the care they need or struggling under the weight of medical debt.
Now, tens of millions of people are losing their jobs and their health insurance at the same time, leaving them unprotected during a public health crisis. This critical moment demands that we rethink our approach to health care delivery and close the gaps with a publicly funded, privately delivered, single-payer, Expanded and Improved Medicare For All system.
As an immediate step in the transition process toward a national health program, NCM4A and the undersigned North Carolina organizations and constituents call on you to:
1. Advocate for hearings/floor votes to support the immediate passage of the Health Care Emergency Guarantee Act of 2020.... click to continue reading and sign!
We are the MOVEMENT that REGISTERS to VOTE!!
There's no health justice without massive voter turnout! Let's work to elect people who represent a step toward our policy vision, then continue to agitate and build power among the poor until all of our demands are met!

NC voting info: https://alerts.howto.vote/en/nc.html.
Voter registration deadline is October 09.

Train to be a Poor People's Campaign M.O.R.E. organizer to help get out the vote.

Meet Amelia...
Amelia: Surviving and thriving after life-changing surgery, I face being uninsured on my 26th birthday.
As I navigate adulthood, I find many opportunities for celebration. Graduating college, surviving a pandemic and second economic collapse, growing my first garden, moving in with my partner, pushing through therapy, and even baking the perfect loaf of bread. But one thing I’ll always be proud of myself for is simply making it this far. There were times when I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to take a walk around the neighborhood, to go on an incident-free trip to the beach, to make it through a full night’s sleep, to go to school without pain and embarrassment, to get close enough to someone to fall in love.

I’ve lived with IBD all my life, having been misdiagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis at age five and enduring a subsequent decade of invasive tests, exploratory procedures, medical neglect and failed treatments. My adolescence was spent in alienation, anger and depression with low mobility, excruciating pain and lots of secrets to keep. My last year of middle school, I was finally correctly diagnosed with a similar form of Inflammatory Bowel Disease―Crohn’s―a chronic autoimmune disease, considered rare and affecting less than 200,000 Americans a year.

By the time I was a freshman in highschool, my doctor told me something I never expected to hear, that he was out of ideas...(click to read the rest of Amelia's story
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Forward Together - until everyone has healthcare as a right and we have broken all forms of bondage!
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