Rebecca: Why I'm Voting in 2020 as a Medicare for All Advocate

"I truly believe with everything in me that if Joe Biden and Cal Cunningham, if they ran on issues that would fundamentally change and improve the lives of regular people, like Medicare for All, like a Green New Deal, like legalization of marijuana and expungement of records, that they would motivate people to come out and vote - because those are policies that will fundamentally improve people's lives. I think we can also be honest...I'm not going to pretend that Joe Biden is the best candidate, like his record isn't super problematic. But, he's not a fascist. And we do not want to go down the neo-fascist road because it's too dangerous and I think the consequences will be the likes of which we have no desire to actually experience." - Rebecca, #HealthCareVoter

We aren't going back to brunch after the election! We plan to hold a Biden administration's feet to the fire.

Join us in the fight to win Improved Medicare for All!


If you voted absentee, use the online Ballot Tracker to confirm it was received and accepted.

Vote early in person! One-stop early voting ends this Saturday, October 31 at 3:00pm. You can register to vote, update your name and address, drop off your absentee ballot, and, if eligible, vote curbside. Find your One-Stop early voting sites at

Vote in person on Election Day! Polling sites are open from 6:30am to 7:30pm on Tuesday, November 3, 2020.

Print your sample ballot:

Research your US House and Senate candidates:

Vote Safely and Minimize your Risk. Polling sites are usually busiest early in the morning and late afternoon hours. If possible, vote during non-peak hours. Adhere to social distancing guidelines and wear a face covering. Masks, hand sanitizers, and pens will be provided.