Bill Burn Bonfire

In honor of International Human Rights Day 12/10, we're joining in community around Covid-safe 🔥 fire 🔥 circles (+virtually) Saturday, Dec. 12 to denounce the commodification of healthcare & demand health justice for all! **Please note these events are taking place at different times in different locations. RSVP at the bottom of this page to stay updated on this #NCBillBurn event as well as future updates on the coalition's work.

Charlotte FB event: NCM4A Charlotte Barn Fire | Facebook 

Durham FB event: #NCBillBurn Durham

Asheville FB event: Asheville Bill Burn Rally for Medicare For All | Facebook

Action Network RSVP page for Asheville: Bill Burning Rally in Support of Medicare For All (

Medical Bills, Prescription Costs, Insurance Premiums and Deductibles -- they're all too high. To show we're fed up with putting profit over people, we've decided to burn our bills (and coverage denials) publicly as an act of solidarity with each other and in opposition to our inhumane for-profit health insurance system. Come share your story and burn your paper bills in this community and power building event. We’ll also have an action for you to do - writing a postcard to Congress supporting Medicare for All using our cool new postcard design!

COVID Precautions: The hosts at this bill burn bonfire will enforce Covid-safety precautions, including masks worn by all individuals (including when speaking) and the number of guests around the fire will be restricted to ensure social distancing guidelines. Extra masks and sanitizer will be available for guests. We are encouraging people to drop-in to the event to share their story and some time around the fire, then rotate out to allow more people to join.  We recommend these guidelines to stay safe when participating in this event:

Our communities have an urgent need for healthcare relief and the North Carolina Medicare for All coalition believes it's necessary to mobilize now to achieve the health justice we desperately need. Together we will oppose our unjust and racist healthcare system, and advocate for the creation of a universal, single-payer Improved Medicare For All system.

Can't make it in person? Want to do your own backyard bill burn? Record a video and share it using #NCBillBurn + @NCM4A.


Disclaimer - The NC Medicare For All coalition suggests that any individual participating take the utmost safety precautions when dealing with fire. We are not responsible for any mishaps or accidents. Please burn in approved locations and containers, exercise appropriate caution, and have a fire extinguisher or hose on hand.

December 12, 2020 at 4:30pm - 8pm
Durham, Asheville, Charlotte (Possible Greensboro) Locations
Askia Dunnon Katrina Wesson Rebecca Cerese Stacie Borrello

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Askia Dunnon
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Rebecca Cerese
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