"Everybody In" Greensboro LTE

Letter to the Editor, Published in the Greensboro New and Record
March 28, 2021

General Motors (GM) has a new ad campaign to promote a zero emissions future. Its televised version ends with the words “Everybody In” lighting up the screen. That’s a slogan that works for more than GM. It’s a good one for the future of health care.

In health care debates, “Everybody In” describes Improved Medicare for All. This is the reform also known as single payer, universal insurance coverage. It would grant access to every American, regardless of age, income, or employment. More Americans will be covered at lower cost to taxpayers, concluded the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office in a recent analysis.

An Improved Medicare for All bill, HR 1976, was introduced in Congress last week. Coauthor, Rep. Debbie Dingell, a self-described Michigan “car girl”, cited her passion to protect fair playing fields for American manufacturing as a rationale for Medicare for All. We’re competing in a global marketplace against companies not paying for expensive employer-based insurance, she said.

Access and economics. “Everybody In” is just the right health care future to imagine. To make that become our reality, email Rep. Kathy Manning and ask her to hop on board with a car girl Rep. Dingell, by signing up as a sponsor of H.R. 1976.

Robin Lane, RN, PNP, MPH