2020-10-13 M4A Moment Don't Rush to Kill ACA; Save Lives Pass HCEGA

Katrina -

The U.S. is heading toward 8 million COVID-19 cases, and over 218,000 deaths, while more than 100 million Americans are either uninsured or underinsured, a number that’s potentially growing.  Yet, instead of advancing a fiscally responsible and live-saving plan to expand health coverage universally to protect all our people during this pandemic and beyond, the Senate has chosen to ram through a Supreme Court Justice who would likely dismantle the Affordable Care Act without an alternative in place. This is unacceptable. 

One solution introduced, the Health Care Emergency Guarantee Act (HR 6906/S 3790), would expand and improve our popular Medicare program to cover all people who are uninsured, and also cover all out-of-pocket costs for people with private insurance. This bill would erase all cost barriers to care, which is essential in containing this public health crisis. Yet, this essential piece of legislation to protect public health, lift the burden of medical debt, and save lives has not had a hearing or been brought up for a vote, even in the House of Representatives. 

A second bill, the Make Billionaires Pay Act, seeks to tax the obscene gains of billionaires during the pandemic and redistribute that to expand Medicare to All for one year. 

Take 2 minutes to call or email your Senators (and Representative) to urge them to vote to expand healthcare to all by passing the Healthcare Emergency Guarantee Act (or Make Billionaires Pay Act), instead of shoving through an extremist Supreme Court Justice who may dismantle existing healthcare access...in the middle of a pandemic? See script below - or dive into our toolkit here.

Sample Script:

Hello, my name is ______, and I’m a constituent living in (City/Town). I am calling to ask (name of politician) to vote NO on confirming Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court, and instead prioritize expanding healthcare for his/her constituents by supporting the Healthcare Emergency Guarantee Act (Make Billionaires Pay Act), bill(s) which would empower Medicare to cover all uninsured people, and remove all cost barriers to care for those with insurance.

Leaving so many people uninsured or underinsured during this pandemic is one of the reasons people are avoiding testing and care, contributing to more than 8 million COVID cases and the high fatality rate of more than 218,000. The Healthcare Emergency Guarantee Act is the most fiscally responsible way to expand healthcare to protect all people in America, regardless of income, during this pandemic.  

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