2020-08-26 Healthcare and Voting

Please listen to and share Amelia's story of why she is a healthcare voter! 

This week’s 5-minute action to support Improved Medicare for All (continue below for this week’s news)

  1. Make a plan to vote in November- we’ll never get healthcare justice by failing to go to the polls! Register to Vote
  2. Find out what healthcare advocacy groups like NCM4A are doing to hold your representative accountable (click for an archive of weekly actions).
  3. Get involved! Email us to become one of our partner organizations, or connect as an individual with a coalition working group!

Not only did COVID19 cause over 238,000 North Carolinians to lose their employment, but without employment in North Carolina, there’s a fat chance you will have health insurance in the middle of … the global pandemic! Did you know that at least 350 people die every year in North Carolina from lack of healthcare, and that people of color are disproportionately impacted by lack of health care, making up 54% of North Carolina’s uninsured population?

We must do more to protect our people and demand what we deserve! Sign our pandemic demands for healthcare relief for all now: www.ncm4a.org/campaign!

In the meantime, many people need employment now to get access to healthcare. If you, like many of your fellow Carolinians, have lost your job or are concerned about losing your job, know your right to unemployment insurance, and how to apply for unemployment insurance. Also, if you need some job prospects, here is an extensive list of employers that are actively recruiting. 

A few more tips to make sure you - as a healthcare advocate - get the chance to weigh in on the important upcoming election November 3.

Do you know how to vote by mail? 

  • NC Voter Registration deadlines: Oct 9
  • Absentee voter deadlines: Application by mail - Oct 27; Submission by mail - Nov 3; Submission in person - Nov 3
  • Early voting: Begins - Oct 15; Ends - Oct 31
  • Election date: General election - Nov 3
  • Healthy Voting tips: https://www.healthyvoting.org/north-carolina/

Official election website: https://www.ncsbe.gov/index.html - as of now, NO VOTER ID is required to cast your ballot if you are already registered. Check here for all updates regarding voting ID requirements and absentee ballots.

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