2020-08-18 Medicare for All 101

Would you like to feel more confident explaining the truth Medicare for All?

Register for Medicare for All 101 ncm4a.org/medicare_101 - learn to confidently respond to common objections such as:

  • A public option can get us universal healthcare
  • I don’t want my taxes to go up
  • I don’t want rationing
  • M4A is a government takeover
  • And much more 

The presentation is full of eye-popping facts about the current “system” and what is truly possible for us to have right now!

Did you know that the US has some of the best medical professionals in the world, but the way care is rationed leads to:

  • having some of the worst outcomes of high income countries
  • spending  a greater share of the economy to healthcare, yet 30 cents per healthcare dollar doesn’t actually go to care
  • Americans not free to choose their providers or hospitals
  • Our seniors choosing food OR medicine

This presentation will help you Educate and Activate other constituents, so we can Understand It and Demand It from Congress!

It is not easy to counteract corporate propaganda about the current system and solutions, but the data are on our side. We can save money and improve health outcomes for our families, friends, and neighbors, while covering everyone with truly universal Expanded and Improved Medicare For All.

Check out some of the most common lies here.

For the Spanish speakers in your lives, Medicare Mejorada Para Todos Asamblea Popular will take place next week on August 27th. Register here https://www.ncm4a.org/medicareparatodos.

Proudly signed by the following organizations.

  • NC Medicare for All Coalition
  • Healthcare for All Y'all
  • Health Care for All NC
  • Coalition for Health Care of NC
  • Asheville DSA